Freitag, 15. Juni 2012


Did you know that feminism (the radical notion that women are people) is just like sports?
No really.
BJ Kramer, who took part in an extremely ugly discussion about harassment policies actually claimed that:
More generally, nearly everyone I’ve encountered over the last two years with whom I’ve been having this discussion treats it more like sports or politics. You pick a team, and you defend it right or wrong.

And later Wendell Henry, who actually did pretty well in that trainwreck added:
For the record my intention was certainly not to have panel discussion with anything brilliant to say on this issue. I for one lack the expertise or insight or experience to be present for such a debate. I was coming at it from 2.1 directions. 1) A person’s whose views I very much liked (although his style does not work for many) had said some pretty stupid sounding things and I wanted to understand why. 2) For reasons both worthwhile and not I enjoy/get benefits from/like/derive pleasure from/?? spirited debates such as this one. .1) I had some secret hope that perhaps my undeniably correct logic would be helpful in showing Emery the ‘light’ (LOL well it has never worked the previous 40,000 times I have tried it so logically it will work soon I am sure).
For my purposes the event went reasonably well and accomplished 2 out of my 2.1 goals. I do hope that my silly little video has not widened the chasm and caused everyone to dig in deeper. If so then I sincerely apologize, that was not my intent.
So, obviously, my life, health and safety is sports for them. Because, let's face it, it won't really affect them either way, just like the result of the next football match doesn't really affect them.
Here's one request I have, though:
For those of you who see this as sports, and who have chosen "Team Women are People", could you please muster up the engery, devotion and enthusiasm actual football fans do? Or at least as much as the "TeamWomen are Fuckholes" does.

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